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To provide legal services for the business of the group's bu

Branch senior partner Wu Chenyao lawyer and his team members of the Shanghai lawyer Lu Lu, Beijing headquarters senior partner Zhu Zhongyou lawyer, by the well-known multi industry investment institutions China Yintai Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as “ intime group ”) under the banner of the commercial retail sector intime business (Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ intime business ”) (Stock Code: 01833.HK), as well as real estate development and management business (Group) Co., Ltd. Yintai land (hereinafter referred to as “ &rdquo Yintai land; two) of the Commission, as the business partner program (hereinafter referred to as “ ”) provide including but not limited to the project design and feasibility study, project demonstration and compliance the optimization plan implementation plan, architecture design, text and documents supporting the development and modification of the implementation of the whole process, assist to plan comprehensive legal services.

Intime business and Yintai land has its remarkable operation characteristics and business model, the lawyer entrusted to provide legal services to &mdash, a basket of customized for customers from the past; commercial real estate, shopping malls and other large commercial projects and professional service experience accumulated, flew to Beijing with intime business, Yintai land core management communication, rapid understanding customer business demands, the internal operation mechanism; comprehensive, detailed design, comparison, analysis of multiple programs, and core management jointly determine the executable, can satisfy the expected solutions customers; follow up the implementation plan, make the greatest efforts to optimize the implementation cost, enhance the efficiency of the implementation.

Lawyers to provide quality legal services and reflect the professional quality, and achieved a high degree of customer trust. The legal services project, fully embodies the comprehensive ability of lawyers in the construction, operation of large-scale legal services project.